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""We provide a better way to sell your home that doesn't force you to have total strangers walking through your home for 90 days!""
We Buy Homes in California As IS

Home Flipping

Basically the lower end of home purchasing services. The idea of flipping homes is to buy them as low as possible without offering a whole lot of options to the home owners. This can result in a loss of money.

Top quality service that provides a fair and competitive pricing to the market with plenty of options for you the home owner. Simple, Fast and Hassle free. Sell your home is just a few days "AS IS" and close with cash as soon as you're ready to move on.


Usually a very time consuming process with a lot of moving parts, work, fees, inspections, home showings and inconveniences on the home owners end. Could end up with a NO SALE after 90 days

What To Expect From Beginning To End...

Sell Your Home Cash Fast In Sacramento Ca
  • NO Showing Your Home For 90 Days
  • NO Huge Realtor Fees On Both Ends
  • NO Worrying About The Yard & Fences
  • NO Worrying About The Roof Condition
  • NO Lock Boxes And Strangers At House
  • NO Back And Forth Closing Offers
  • NO Offer Back Outs At The Last Minute
  • Call Us And Tell Us About Your Home
  • We Give You Our Top Offer In 24 Hours
  • You Except Our Generous Cash Offer
  • We Do All The Work Because It's " AS IS "
  • You Get Ready To Move With Zero Worries
  • We Close As Soon As 7 Days Cash
  • You Move On To Your New Home

Why People Love What We Do...

Tell Us About The Property​​​​​​​

Spend a couple minutes answering some simple questions about the home. No pressure, no Hassle

Get A Quick, Fair Top Offer

Set your mind at ease while our team does the hard work and gets back to you with a clear, fair cash offer.

Choose Your Closing Date

Choose the day you want to close, around 7 days... Show up for cash payment and that's it! You're Done!

YES! ...We even love to buy the ugly houses too!

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OUR team here at™ really love what we do and that is why we have so many satisfied clients referring new clients to us.

Let your home be the next success story that stepped away from the old traditional Real Estate model that usually takes months and months with many headaches along the way.

Try™ and let us do all the work, so you just get paid in 7 days and move out hassle free.

Just simply fillout the quick form to the left here and somebody will be in touch with you A.S.A.P. to get all the proper information to get the generious home offer back to you in just 24 hours or sooner in many cases.
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We value your privacy and will never spam you

How long will the home offer process take?

When you fill out the online form or talk to a specialist on the phone and answer the few simple questions, in 97% of the situations we will have a solid offer back to you in just 24 hours or less.

How solid is this offer?

When you receive our offer we mean it. We will buy your home for the amount we offered you. Just as long as the home is not hit by a hurricane later on that day, or some unseen act of God that destroys the home.

How long does it take to get paid?

We can close deals as soon as 7 day, but we also know that moving is a big deal for some people, so we want to make sure you are fully ready to leave the home before we close the deal. The short answer is FAST!

Do I need to have any repairs done first?

You will not need to do any repairs at all. Our offer to you for your home is a AS IS deal and we will handle all the hard work after we close the deal with you. You do not need to perform any repairs.

Is there inspections that I need to have first?

Nope! You call us and fill out the form telling us all about your home and after we do our work we give you a fair offer on the home and thats it. You accept the offer and move on to your new home and we handle the rest.

Why is it better to sell my home this way?

In many cases you can save a lot of time and trouble selling your home AS IS. In most cases you can get a cash offer and move out very quickly. This is especial good if you have a probate situation or a inheritance you need to recive money from fast. Foreclosure is another situation where this can help eliminate credit problem etc...
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